FutureBlackCar App - Now Available on the App Store and Google Play Stores!

August 5, 2019

Hi there!


This is Eric Carcia with After many months of hard work, I'm proud to announce that the Future Black Car Passenger App is now available to download on both the Google Play and the App Store! The following app will allow you to request a ride from a FutureBlackCar Driver in real-time. Choose from either the Sedan (Tesla Model S - Seating for 4 Passengers) or SUV (Tesla Model X - Seating for 6 Passengers). FutureBlackCar only features the finest luxury electric vehicles in its fleet. You can rest assure knowing that all of our drivers have received full background checks, have totally clean driving records, and have been professionally trained in driving all Tesla vehicles that are currently in production. All Tesla vehicles have a 5-Star Safety Rating across the board and feature the most advanced driver assistance technologies available today. Download the app, register online in minutes, and experience the future of luxury transportation today!

FutureBlackCar Passenger (Apple):

FutureBlackCar Passenger (Android):

Are You Ready For The Future?